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Jon Harris Makes a BIG Statement with His Song Big

At the age of 14, Jon Harris created his very first music project with the hopes that one day he would one day become a mainstream recording artist. Now he's setting the stage to take the next step in his musical journey. After years of studying, listening, and preparing; Jon Harris finally feels he is ready and it’s finally the right time to show the world what he has to offer. With no better way to introduce everyone to him and his way of thinking, Jon’s very first track being released from Living Life Our Way Entertainment is called “BIG”.

With strong lyrics Jon begins his mainstream career making bold statements. He has never bee

n known to shy away from saying things, doing things, and making decisions people may find difficult. With the song big he calls out a few type of people fearless of the consequences. He uses the song to mark himself as an outsider. To set the tone for his musical career Jon uses the first line in his first verse to state that he doesn’t make music to amuse people. Jon doesn't want the audience to get the expectation that they control the content of his music. He also makes a point in the track to differentiate himself from popular mainstream rap artist stating he’s not like other artist people listen to referencing 'trap rappers' specifically. Throughout his life Jon has been known for being different even from his personality as a r

apper and he wants it to be known. He’s also been known to go above and beyond with everything and idea he puts his mind to.

Jon states he wanted to make a song that introduces him to the general public. He said "This was my first song that was being sold by major distributors who offered the ability to really reach out to the world. So I wanted the world to get an idea of who I was. Also because it was most-likely people's first time finding out about me what better way to start than to give a New York greet...What's Up". In the song 'Big', Jon stresses the importance of making the most of everything you do. From the start of the idea you may have to the execution you must have the thought that you will make it as big it can be. He states he’s in the position he’s in his due to the constant strive for making things grand. That his peers idolize his work based on his ideology to do more rather than less, and this way of thinking seems to bleed into his music and his events. Finishing off the last verse with an admirable quote bout how when doing something, he will give it his all even when odds of him succeeding is overwhelmingly against him.

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