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On December 14, 2018 Jon Harris released his first song, titled “Big”, from his upcoming debut album “Who Is Jon Harris”. He released a shorter “clean” version in which he labeled the radio version suited to fit better in a radio station’s line up. For both versions of the song Jon has made a lyric video for the fan to enjoy hearing while understanding what is being said but there was never any visual concept for the record, until now. Jon Harris released the long awaited music video for is song “Big”.


The video starts with Jon walking down a long train track from a distance and throughout the song he is at various locations. It would seem he has been traveling for some time as he is noticeably unshaved. Jon says he was contemplating on appearing like that as this is technically the first time people will see him but it would drive the point that he’s been traveling for a long period of time. “It weirdly doesn’t even look like that much hair but I’ve been growing it for 4 whole months, I don’t grow facial hair that fast.”


The video did not disappointment with Jon’s typical approach to all his work, making something with a deeper meaning than the surface. The end of the video reads “When you miss opportunities, some people quit. Other’s make new ones for themselves.” This begins to define the meaning of the video. In an interview Jon states what you don’t see in the video is a major part to the concept. “Usually when you think of train tracks you think of a train and that’s the metaphor for the opportunities I speak of in the end.” Jon also states that he chose not to pay professionals to shoot the videos to help further his company’s pursuit of doing film in the near future and would prefer his video that an amateur hit for the greater good of the company.

Jon Harris Releases Music Video For "Big"

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