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About A Haunting - Dev Demo

A Haunting - Demo Walkthrough Snippets

A Haunting - Overview

A Haunting is a game that will put the players in the world of paranormal occurrences. It is imagined to be a game where the players can play with friends and if no one is available they can play alone. It will set up the confrontation between amateur paranormal investigators "The Investigators" and a host of different demons with different abilities and functionalities. It is the objective of the investigators to rid the area of the demonic presence for good whereas the demon is trying to add as many souls to its collection. This is done by being, in some way, responsible for the death of a character and taking their soul. The Investigators are tasked with figuring out how the demon operates by piecing together clues they find along the way. When all clues are gather they will be able to figure out how to make the demon vulnerable and from there be able to trap it or eliminate it.

A Haunting - Demo

The demo is is only to give the play a general idea of the game but is missing many concepts that will be implement in the live game. The player should use the demo as an idea of what the foundation for what the live game will build upon. It is the most simple form of the live game.

The demo is the single player investigator mode. The player can roam freely through the map but will only be able to interact with a small amount of objects.

Play A Haunting - Dev Demo



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