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Michael Gross, New York, has been playing games his entire life. He has always had a competitive nature. Combined that with his determination to become elite in everything that he does, patience knowing he will get there some day, and perseverance makes him one of the premiere gamers of his generation. 
Mike enjoys game that are challenging, competitive, and constantly has him figuring his next move. Along with video games Mike is an excellent chess player and dominates his peers after years of studying the game and understanding each play to predict the strategy of his opponent.
Mike has been gaming for many years, since the age of 4 to be exact. He started on PC games then moved to the Sony Playstation console and continued using Sony next gen products ever since. He started with Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter but first found love on the Playstation 3's title "Fortress 2" which after countless hours of dedicated gaming he became nationally ranked.
Mike would go on for years climbing the ranks in the Call of Duty games, perfecting his methods to easily defeat top ranking players. His tenure with the Call of Duty franchise would
last for over ten years until he felt he wasn't being challenged. Mike then turned his attention to his current favorite type of video game genre; horror.
Mike has been playing horror games for several years now mainly playing the asymmetrical killer v survivor game: Dead by Daylight. He has played such titles as Friday the 13th and Alien. Has has recently played other games such as Dark Souls.
Aside from playing video games, Mike likes to be active going on long and fulfilling hikes through different regions. He has hiked in different states and at many different altitudes. He loves sports and learned basketball at an exceptional rate. Recently he has had an interest in rock climbing and just staying fit.