Jon Harris

"If I have to work alone Imma do it on my own" - Jon Harris

Driven by ambition, Jon Harris has begun to create a name for himself as a music artist. As a youth he began his musical aspirations off of the fascination of music and the belief it was possible. An overwhelmingly large majority of musical and music business knowledge that he possesses is self taught.

He started making music early in high school and continued through college with the release of several musical projects, each better than the one before. At that time he went under the stage name "J Holla" where he focused more of his efforts on learning and improving rather than sales and publicity. With each project he focused on improving upon different aspects of his music. With one project, his main focus would be musical composition while another his focus would be on lyricism until he was able to piece together a complete project. He also used this time to make improvements outside the creative artistic aspects of his music such as engineering the track, photography, and photo editing.

Jon will mark the beginning of his music career with the release of his first installment of the "Destiny's Calling Series", the Destiny's Calling Mixtape. This project was released in the summer of 2012, directly after his graduation from Pace University. It was originally intended to be a project to show major record labels and recording companies with the hopes of signing a major music contract but with the lack of attention it drew from the company representatives he decided to release it as a mixtape to the public.

With major record labels showing no attention to his music, Jon decided to put his business degree to use early after graduating college. He started working on the foundation of a company that would help people reach their goals no matter what stage of their careers they were in. Because the major labels refused to listen, Jon created a company to sign himself and release music to the public with.

After the release of Destiny's Calling Jon went back to the root of what got him so far. He started to research and learn everything he could about the business side of the music industry. It was at this point he studied the non-musical side such as management, A&Rs, marketing, promotions, and public relations to list a few. Upon working on his second installment to the "Destiny's Calling Series" he met with Amanda Barreto who he would later sign as the first singing act under his new company, Black Widow Entertainment.

Jon Has come a long way and is a flame with no signs of dimming. With his ambitious and adventurous nature, there is definitely more to come with this talented individual. Being that he admires the late Steve Jobs, the perfectionist who Jon finds was once in the same position, Jon strives for excellence in all that he does. Which is why it is safe to believe if he has his hands on it, it will be GREAT!.

Jon Harris - I Don't Wanna Hear It


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