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You have been selected out of a number of applicants to perform at our up coming event! This means you you are special. Something about you stood out from the other of creative people who applied to perform. Yes you have talent, but talent is not the only deciding factor for ANY L.L.O.W. Entertainment selection. You have the talent but also the potential to be great and what you've shown us tells us that you would make an EXCELLENT fit with L.L.O.W. Entertainment and our event

Much like in the application page we will need to pay the L.L.O.W. Entertainment Performance Fee. You were selected above numerous amounts of applicants but you do not have a guaranteed spot in our event until the $200 Performance Fee is paid for.


This fee is for security purpose only. This is to ensure that all parties are doing their part to make this event as successful as it can be. Whenever there is something a lot of people are working towards it only takes one person to bring down the entire experience for every one and L.L.O.W. Entertainment will hold EVERYONE participating accountable for their part of the event.

So by paying this $200 performance fee, you are agreeing to do you part to the best of your abilities to make this event a complete success. As stated in the L.L.O.W. Entertainment Performance Fee Breakdown, any portion of the event that you fail to comply with you will be held accountable for and relinquish your opportunity for reimbursement for that portion. If you do your part correctly and adhere to all of your responsibilities you will get your $200 back by us graciously paying you back the $80 for doing your part on the performance and marketing and also the customers paying you $120 in ticket sales should you sell all of your tickets.

So please CAREFULLY read through the L.L.O.W. Entertainment Performance Fee Breakdown before making anymore of a commitment.

...and if we haven't scared you away yet (which we shouldn't have because you're one of us and you're ambition and excitement driven) and you're ready for this, follow the steps below.

Lock In Your Spot

STEP 1: Performance Fee Breakdown

CAREFULLY read the L.L.O.W. Entertainment Performance Fee Breakdown. It is not meant to deceive you, we are just making sure you FULLY understand your responsibility. We would hate for there to be a misunderstanding as to your role to this event. If you have any question DEFINITELY ask.

Contact info@llowentertainment.com for ANY QUESTIONS and ANY NUMBER of questions as long as they relate to the company

STEP 2: Make Payment

Pay the $200 for the Performance Fee. Be sure to have the email address you'd like the representative to contact you on the payment information and if it's not the paypal email then put it in the comment if you don't hear back from the person in 24 hours contact: info@llowentertainment.com

STEP 3: L.L.O.W. Entertainment Rep

A L.L.O.W. Entertainment Representative will reach out to you to let you know that they received the payment. If you don't receive a confirmation email with in 24 hours feel free to 

STEP 4: Slot

The Rep will reach out to you again to let you know what time you will go on for and how much time you will have.

STEP 5: Preperation

Prepare for set. Preperation is the key to any performance. So...

prepare, Prepare, PREPARE

STEP 6: Show Time

PLEASE GET THERE ON TIME (for the sound check) IF NOT AT LEAST 15 mins EARLY! Go on for your set, KILL IT (cause we KNOW you will). 

STEP 7: Reimbursement

After the show go to the host (the rep will fill you in on Step 3) to collect any reimbursements owed to you. 


*Hint* That's why we're stressing for everyone to read it carefully.

Once you have carefully read the Black Widow Entertainment Performance Fee Breakdown click the link below to make your Application  Fee payment

Living Life Our Way Entertainment, LLC

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