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To apply for a chance to perform in one of L.L.O.W. Entertainments up coming events, please make the necessary payment for the event application fee, then after complete the form below. (Be sure to add the RECEIPT NUMBER below or your application will be flagged as incomplete. If the form is not completed correctly, the application will not be valid and there are NO REFUNDS FOR THE APPLICATION FEE.


Please be aware that there is an advance payment required to perform AFTER you have paid the application fee and have been selected to perform. All acts are required to pay $200 in advance which will cover all of the L.L.O.W. Entertainment Performance fee in which some portions of the fee are redeemable if all instructions are followed correctly and in full. If all instructions are followed correctly you should have your full $200 back. You can see the full L.L.O.W. Entertainment Performance Fee Breakdown HERE

Once you have carefully read the L.L.O.W. Entertainment Performance Fee Breakdown click the link below to make your Application Fee payment


Please fill out the form below as follows:


First and Last Name


The BEST email contact for you. If you are selected we will be reaching out to you by email only


The name of the event you are applying for then add application after


In this field write your Stage Name, your craft (what you will be performing), a link to your work (if you don't have a link to your work, don't worry just put in the MESSAGE FIELD "email me for my work *then add your email again here*", DEFINITELY THE RECEIPT NUMBER (without the receipt number your application will be trashed)

and any relevent information that you feel will put yourself in a better position for being selected


If you've fully read the Performance Fee Breakdown, you've paid the application fee, you've read the IMPORTANT application structure and looked at the example above and now you feel you are ready to apply.

Please fill out the form below

and best of luck!

Upload File
Max File Size 15MB

I agree to do my part in promoting this even. I have read thoroughly through the terms & conditions of this event. I understand that I will being making an upp front payment to ensure I do my part in making this event a success. I also Understand that LLOW Entertainment is ONLY Obligated to refund me the portions stated in the agreement if I do EVERYTHING correctly and to the best of my abilities. SHould I fail to do any portion

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